The mission of Aviation Media LLC is to curate Alexander Kartveli's life and accomplishments.   We believe that by protecting the past we can invent a better future.  Human brilliance is evenly distributed around the world, but opportunity is not.  We can change lives and bring opportunity to many by promoting core values and ideals that represent the main themes that defined Kartveli.  Chief among these values and ideals is perseverance, tenacity, creativity, imagination and learning.  And most important we want to tell an amazing story about an important innovator who brought to life some of the foundational aerospace technologies of today.  Our community outreach, education and museum contributions are made through our non-profit Alexander Kartveli Association.

Special thanks for support, guidance and access to materials:

Ramaz Bluashvili, researcher and videographer

Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center | National Air and Space Museum

Joshua Stoff, Cradle of Aviation Museum

US Embassy of Georgia

Richard Norland, US Ambassador to Georgia

National Museum of Georgia

Sam Hellawell, Frontend Developer